Our services are designed to transform your career, your mind, and your life. We provide 1 on 1 intensive coaching as well as small and large group coaching sessions. We understand that the need of each client is different, therefore our goal is to provide services that addresses your need regardless of your budget or where you are on your journey. We want to ensure that you get to experience our expertise and passion for helping others and the opportunity to be transformed.

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One on One Life Coaching

While all our services successfully meet the need of each individual client, this service is designed for those who want one on one personal attention. The value of the service is still of the highest quality and the client outcomes are based on 100% client participation. One on One Life Coaching is provided in the following areas:

  • Career Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Academic Coaching

$250 per session (2 session minimum)

Corporate Coaching Services

Our coaching services provide our corporate clients with the opportunity to integrate their company’s own methodology, culture, and contribution to create a tailored coaching program. As a client, you can bring our coaching programs in house as is or choose from our coaching programs to create a specific in-depth training courses or a combination of both. We deliver the services remotely or in-person as follows:

  • Workshops
  • Small Group
  • Seminars

$ Contact Us for Rate Information

Book Life Coach Kim

Life Coach Kim is a natural at motivating and inspiring others to “move to action.” She is academically trained in public speaking, but it is her candor, passion and bigger than life personality that captivates audiences. Topics that Life Coach Kim speaks on include:

Career | Personal Development| Mindset| Entrepreneurship| Leadership | Motivation

Life Coach Kim always leaves her attendees wanting more. Book Coach Kim for Speaking Engagements, Interviews, Contributions, Training Sessions, Panels & Keynotes

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