Meet Your Coach

Coach Kim is a trained Life Coach who possesses over 25 years of combined professional experience as a Career Coach, Mindset Coach, and Personal Development Coach. She has a Master of Human Resource Management degree and countless continuing education hours and certifications within the Counseling and Psychology disciplines as well.

She began her career as a full-time Life Coach in 2006 focusing specifically on coaching her clients to go after real success and to dream outrageously!  She shares her own personal entrepreneurial journey, life challenges, and successes with her clients, resulting in a new level of hope, increased motivation, and encouragement. Many see her as inspiration and believe that they too can live life by design.


Our Approach

Candor, transparency, and a down to earth personality sets the stage for honest feedback, effective support, and outright results.  Coach Kim is known to inspire and ignite her clients to believe in themselves, to take risks and to make bold moves to get the desired outcomes. We use a client engagement tool that allows us to send out activities and pathways to motivate, educate, and inspire you.

Our state-of-the-art technology and coaching tools enhance your online coaching course experience and allow us to digitally support and engage you with automated tools and communications.  Once enrolled, you will gain access to a powerful application for desktop and mobile use that will give you access to:

  • An IOS and Android App to complete your assignments and exercises on the go.
  • Assignments that are beautifully designed and easy to access and complete.
  • Access to video courses, presentations, and other supporting materials.
  • A tracking system to help you stay organized with the status of your assignments and exercises.
  • Easily communicate with your coach between sessions.
  • Encryption to ensure privacy and safety of sensitive information and web-based meetings.
  • Related resources and books via one click links.

You can also access your assignments and exercises via email. However, the App is much more efficient and allows you to stay organized without risking critical assignments and information getting lost in your email.