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Coach Kim helps busy professionals get “UNSTUCK” and live life by design. She uses a coaching model that is based on connecting with clients through real life experiences and then coaches you from right where you are.

25 Years’ Experience
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Meet Your Coach

Coach Kim is a trained Life Coach who possesses over 25 years of combined professional experience as a Career Coach, Mindset Coach, and Personal Development Coach. She has a Master of Human Resource Management degree and countless continuing education hours and certifications within the Counseling and Psychology disciplines as well.

What We Do

Kimberly Coaching & Consulting Build Confidences and Transform Lives! Coach Kim and her team has crafted a strategic coaching system that consistently yields well over a quarter million dollars annually and have done so since 2016. This can only be accomplished by consistently and effectively getting results! Client feedback, testimonials and expected outcomes are the basis upon which our strategy is constantly refined. Kimberly Coaching & Consulting has successfully coached over 2k individuals from all walks of life with great success including ex-felons, youths and adults with disabilities, high level professionals, and executives. This experience is proof that Kimberly Coaching & Consulting can reach anyone.

Two Signature Courses

Life challenges can present awesome opportunities to be successful if you know how to seize them. Coach Kim learned how to capitalize on every one of them many years ago.  As a matter of fact, you are here because of what she has effectively learned how to do. Instead of nursing a defeated mindset, she took all the pain and disappointments she had experienced and balled it up and threw it back into the universe and created not one but two life changing coaching courses that consistently yield well over a quarter million dollars annually. Through technology, you too can now experience these life changing courses:

What’s Got You Blocked? Overcome Career Stagnation and remove the barriers blocking your success

  • A focus driven coaching course that strategically targets barriers to success. Using assessments, exercises, and face-to-face coaching, identify what is standing in the way of personal and professional progress.

Right Mindset for Success: 21 Steps to Strengthen Mental Fortitude & Emotional Intelligence

  • A life changing coaching course that arouses a level of self-awareness that is indescribable. This course often evoke emotion from participants because it answers many of life’s un-answered questions.

Academic Success Course

  • Scholarly Excellence 2.0: Essential skills for academic success.
    • A necessary coaching course for High School and College Students who want to excel not just in their academics but also want to leverage themselves for the next step in their journey toward success.
Standing on Rocks (2)

What's Holding You Back?

Did you know that only 10% of the world’s population attain real success? What is success anyway? Like most, you are likely a part of the 90% and that’s okay. What’s not okay is being okay with being there. You alone are 100% responsible for your own success and the quality of your life! So, what are you doing about it and what’s holding you back? If you can’t honestly answer these questions, then our signature online coaching courses were designed with you in mind and to meet you right where you are.

Do something! Embrace the wisdom, expertise, and compassion that Coach Kim possess and have spent the past 25 years refining to help you transform your life. Kimberly Coaching & Consulting has gained a reputation as a leader in Life Coaching and is committed to helping you reach your life goals.

We are not salespeople, or imposters and we are not interested in trying to convince you to enroll in a course; However, Coach Kim and her team are good at what they do.  Client outcomes and success stories keep us in business and continuously fuel our passion for helping others.

So, what’s holding you back? Is it FEAR, DOUBT or UNBELIEF? Enroll today and began the process of transforming your life so that You Can Have It All, a rewarding career, a healthy mindset, and a fulfilled life!

Ideal Client

Do you feel stuck in life and frustrated because your career and life, in general, isn’t where you want it to be? Have you done all that you can and used all the resources available to you and still not living the life you want? Today, we are giving you permission to do something for yourself by committing to your own desires. That’s right, you have our permission to start getting answers by enrolling in one of our courses TODAY! Believe it or not, you are entitled and have a right to living a fulfilled life. If you believe this, then you are the ideal client.


The Management Essentials training program provides very pertinent information for our new managers. The Leadership presentation and training materials were top of the line and the Coach Kim was very professional and engaging

S.D., Director, Meritor

KCC has always worked very diligently to ensure appropriate supports are available to our customers. Coach Kim has always advocated on behalf of our customers with local employers to ensure customers are given the opportunity to compete for viable positions within the Detroit Metropolitan area.

J. H., District Manager, State of Michigan, Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Coach Kim and her team effectively brought several antiquated processes up to date using technology and best practice. They worked collaboratively with the HRIS team and various business units to ensure they addressed the needs of the entire university.

L.A., Sr. Director, Wayne State University, OED

My customers that have been referred to Coach Kim have only had wonderful things to say about her services. I have never had a customer complain about the quality of services and I have been using her services for my customers for over 7 years. Mrs. Bond provides feedback and services promptly. You will never have to "track her down" to obtain progress on your customer. She is Great at what she does!

A.S., Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, State of Michigan

I was introduced to Coach Kim by my aunt who has used her services before. I was incredibly happy with the assistance I received beyond the resume revamp. She helped me regain confidence within myself and my potential. With her help I was able to receive great offers for two new jobs within a month of her coaching me. The great part is how genuinely proud she is when you have used everything, she has taught you and it truly paid off. I highly recommend her to everyone; you will not be disappointed!

J.P., People Operations Coordinator

Our Approach

Candor, transparency, and a down to earth personality sets the stage for honest feedback, effective support, and outright results.  Coach Kim is known to inspire and ignite her clients to believe in themselves, to take risks and to make bold moves to get the desired outcomes. We use a client engagement tool that allows us to send out activities and pathways to motivate, educate, and inspire you.

Our state-of-the-art technology and coaching tools enhance your online coaching course experience and allow us to digitally support and engage you with automated tools and communications.  Once enrolled, you will gain access to a powerful application for desktop and mobile use that will give you access to:

  • An IOS and Android App to complete your assignments and exercises on the go.
  • Assignments that are beautifully designed and easy to access and complete.
  • Access to video courses, presentations, and other supporting materials.
  • A tracking system to help you stay organized with the status of your assignments and exercises.
  • Easily communicate with your coach between sessions.
  • Encryption to ensure privacy and safety of sensitive information and web-based meetings.
  • Related resources and books via one click links.

You can also access your assignments and exercises via email. However, the App is much more efficient and allows you to stay organized without risking critical assignments and information getting lost in your email.

Enroll Today!

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